Tilapia are well known for their food value and for being a "non fishy" fish. This fish is not only gaining in popularity as a seafood dish, what many people don't know is that tilapia are also being used for growing vegetables.

Just about any type of fresh water fish can be grown in an aquaponic gardening system, but some are easier to keep than others. Some are also more appropriate for different locations. Most fish require water of a certain temperature range. Before choosing a fish make sure that you will be able to maintain the proper temperature. Also make sure they are allowed in your location. Some types of fish have been banned in some locations.

If none of these methods are working, you can either try growing another kind of plant and see if you are doing something wrong with the system or you can consult an expert or aquaponic supplies aquaponic farmer who has a lot of experience.

One of the most common and preventable aquaponic problems, is the formation of algae. All aquaponic systems us water with nutrients from fish. With the combination of water, nutrients and light you are destined to get algae. The bad thing about algae is the little bugs that is attracts. Fungus gnats are one of these bugs that will severely damage the roots of your plants, which can even kill your crops. This could be a major issue, although the solution is quite easy to fish, limit the light exposure diy aquaponics the nutrients!

The best thing about aquaponics 4 you though is that anyone can follow it and get good results. I personally set up a lovely indoor system that is a centre piece in my lounge.

Make or buy compost and add it to your soil as well. Compost is one of the best fertilizers available, and it will continue to keep your soil fertile for many seasons.

Although aquaponic gardening is simple and takes very little time, it does take some care. Simply checking to make sure the aeration system is still working could save your system. It is always great to have a battery powered back up aeration system in place, in case the power goes out or your primary pump fails.
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