So my 1 adult turnkey website has made me $65,511.67 in just 6 months in the Adult Turnkey Business Opportunity. Now, I know this is what you want to hear but it is just not reality. Think about it, if I purchased 20 of these adult turnkey websites in my 6th month in business I would have made a grand total of $1,310,233.40. People, this is just 1/2 a years time. If you think this is true I have many things I am dying to sell you. How about that ocean front property in Kansas business opportunity? Ever hear of that ocean they have there? Come on. If this crap was true I would be a millionaire in only 6 months in the adult turnkey business.

image class="left" url=""How exactly do you make a living with dropship turnkey websites for sale? By getting them through a low cost turnkey website provider and selling them over and over again on venues like eBay - not only do you secure the customer's money with the final cost of the auction, but you secure this same customer as your hosting customer who will pay you around $9.95 every month for however long they keep their website.

The other thing I've noticed is the over use of the word "Code". There are so many products with the word "Code" in the name. A code is simply a device that gives you access to information. And most of this internet stuff is made way to confusing on purpose so that we will jump at the opportunity to get the access code.

The backend of the cart uses a software called ZenCart. It is very popular software and has a wide range of support if you were to ever want to change the site up a bit. Or you can always contact me for changes and we can work out the specifics of your requested changes.

In case you can't wait to read this entire article and need to have the answer right away, here it is. Should you buy a turnkey websites for sale established for sale? Well, it depends. I know, not the definitive answer you were looking for. But in business, things are rarely that clear.

The Premium Sites for Sale: This section is for the most valuable websites. In general, the websites that have great traffic and earn huge profits every month are placed in this segment. You can list your click here here by paying a fee of $40.

They are all costing you from $47 to $147 and you can spend a fortune before you are even making a single dime because you believe the hype that you must have these things to make money. Before you know what has happened to you, you have maxed out a couple of credit cards and have no idea how to pay them. That's the hard way to set about internet marketing, and why the vast majority fail.

I am in the business of Designing and Creating Websites. I thought this Niche site would be a great business opportunity for someone who has a passion about Halloween. This Halloween Niche website can be a great source of income for many years to come. Happy Bidding and feel free to contact me at any time throughout the auction process.

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